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Lingerie Guide

How to Measure for a Bra
Bra Size Chart
Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit
Briefs Size Chart


Visit one of our Boutiques that stock Lingerie and our Fit Specialists will find your perfect fitting bra. If you can’t come in to a store, see below for our fitting guide.

How to Measure for a Bra

The key to discovering your perfect fitting bra starts with finding your right size. It's as simple as two key measurements – your Band Size & your Cup Size. Here is our Step by Step Guide on How to Measure yourself for a TS14+ Bra!

Tips for Measuring Success

  • Measure yourself without your clothes on
  • Wear your best unpadded bra
  • If possible, have a friend help measure you with your arms down

Step 1. Finding your Band Measurement

  • Run the tape measure around your body under your bust
  • The tape should be firm but not tight
  • Make sure the tape is horizontal (and not twisted or crooked)

Step 2. Finding your Cup Measurement

  • Run the tape around the fullest part of your bust
  • Keep the tape firm – be careful not to squash your breasts
  • Again, make sure you keep the tape straight all the way around

Step 3. Now you have both measurements use the Size Chart to determine your Bra size


Bra Size Chart

Band Size
Run the tape measure around your body under your bust

Cup Size
Run the tape around the fullest part of your bust


Bra Size

C Cup

D Cup

DD Cup

E Cup





































*All measurements are in cm

For example:
If your Band Measurement is 107cm – you're an 18
If your Cup Measurement is 119cm – you're a DD
Making your Bra Size an 18DD


Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit

Once you find a perfect fitting bra you never want to lose it but sometimes it’s not that easy to find. Our Stylists have given us a list of hints, tips & tricks to make your search a whole lot easier!

How to put on a Bra correctly

Known as the ‘Swoop & Scoop’ this is the best method for putting on a bra to ensure that you get the best & most comfortable fit!

  • Bend forward (the Swoop) allowing your breasts to fall into the cups of your bra naturally
  • Fasten the bra on the middle hooks – as bras stretch with wash & wear, it is best fasten your bra on the middle hooks (this means you can loosen or tighten your bra as needed)
  • Stand up straight & use your opposite hand (the Scoop) to gently place your breasts inside the cups eg. use your right hand to scoop your left breast
  • Check that the band of the bra is sitting straight all around your body
  • Adjust the straps so that they are firm and your breasts feel supported – but not so tight that they are digging into your shoulders!
  • The final step is to run your index finger along the inner of the cups to make sure your breasts aren’t spilling over the edges

Signs of a Well Fitting Bra

Want to know if your bra has the ultimate fit? These are the signs to look out for:

  • Band is sitting straight all the way around
  • The front centre panel is sitting flush against your chest
  • There is no over spill (at the top or side) – your breasts are contained within the cups
  • If your bra has underwire – it should be sitting comfortably around the breasts & not digging in
  • The straps are firm and secure but not so tight that they dig into your shoulders

Double Trouble – Signs of an Ill Fitting Bra

Something not right with the fit of your bra – straps digging in or the back is riding up? Try these sure-fire tips & tricks:

Problem: The band is riding up at the back
Solution: The bra band may be too large. Try securing your bra on a tighter clasp. If the bra is still too loose – you will need to go down a Band size.

Problem: The band is bulging
Solution: The bra is too small, it is suggested that you go up a Band size.

Problem: The bra straps are cutting into my shoulders
Solution: Try loosening the straps. The support on a bra should come from the band, not the straps

Problem: The straps are falling off my shoulders
Solution: Try tightening the straps. If this doesn’t work – you will need to revisit your bra size by going down a Band size but up a Cup size eg. an 18D would become a 16DD

Problem: The cups are too tight & my breasts are popping out
Solution: Try loosening the straps to release the cups. If the cups are still too tight you will need to try the next cup size up

Problem: The cups are wrinkled, gapping or puckering
Solution: The cups are probably too large; try tightening the bra straps and the band. If they are still too loose, try the next cup size down

Problem: The underwire is digging in or not sitting flat on my chest
Solution: The bra is too small, try a larger cup size

Problem: The centre panel is not sitting flat and sticks out
Solution: The band size is too small, try the next size up

Bra Care

To keep your Lingerie in the best condition longer – it needs a little TLC when washing & storing.


  • Always follow the care instructions on the label (as some bras are designed to be machine washed and others must be handwashed due to their delicate nature)
  • When machine washing - fasten the hooks & place them in a wash bag. This helps protect them and lessens the likelihood of tangled straps
  • After washing ease the bras back into shape & dry them in the shade. Take care not to leave any foam cups crumpled as this may permanently alter the shape
  • Never tumble dry bras as heat damages the delicate fabric, padding and elastic fibres


  • Where possible store your bras flat in a drawer
  • If necessary twist the cups so they nestle inside one another & you can avoid turning the cups inside out

Lifetime of Bras

  • Bras usually last for approximately 12 months with optimum support and comfort
  • For everyday wear – it is recommended to have at least three bras that you can alternate. This allows time for the elastic fibres in bras to recover
  • When it’s time to replace your bra – make sure you get refitted in case your body has changed


Briefs Size Chart

The briefs in our Lingerie range will either be numerically sized; 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 or in an alpha size range; S, M, L.

The numerical sizes follow our pant sizing; however you may wish to go up a size depending on how you would like the briefs to fit. Always remember to check the Stylist information listed on the product page.

Here's an easy conversion for the alpha sizing:

Size 14 -24







Alpha Sizing




Visit one of our Boutiques that stock Lingerie and our Fit Specialists will find your perfect fitting bra.

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