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Important News - Virtu Website has Moved

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What is happening to the Virtu website?

From 1st October 2014 is merging with the TS14+ website – to become your One Stop Digital Flagship Store!

What will this mean for me?

More, more, more! The entire Virtu collection will now be available on the TS14+ website We’re so excited that Virtu will be in the good company of friends!

It will now be easier and more convenient for you to shop for your favourite brands.
Along with the entire Virtu collection at, you’ll also be able to shop for:

  • TS - Edgy, Unique, Designer Driven Fashion
  • Eplissé - Invitation Only Special Occasion Wear
  • Taking Shape Shoes & Accessories - The Finishing Touches
  • Taking Shape Essentials - The basics of all great wardrobes
  • Taking Shape Active - Designed for Curvy Bodies
  • Taking Shape Dream - Sleep Soundly & Stylishly
  • Taking Shape Swim - Coming this Summer!
  • Taking Shape Smooth & Shape Wear - Coming this Summer!

You’ll have more choice & be able to shop for and combine all your purchases in the one package. Simple.

What does this mean for my CYC Account? Find out more here

Why is the Virtu website being merged with the TS14+ website?

Our goal is to become more efficient behind the scenes to get your orders to your faster. It’s all about improving your shopping experience. We wanted to make it easier, quicker, simpler and more convenient for you to shop the brands you love in the one place!

It made sense to bring all our family together in one Digital Flagship Store where you can find everything you need in one location at



What happens to my Virtu CYC Account?

Your Virtu CYC Account will be migrated to the TS14+ website –
We will copy over your email address, address details, CYC points and CYC Asset Level.

You will receive a personal email by Friday 19th September with the details.
You will also be notified once your details have been migrated over in Early October.

If you have any outstanding CYC Birthday or Rewards Vouchers these will also be moved over to the TS14+ website. The details will be included in your personal email.

Rest assured, we’ll protect your points, vouchers and privacy.

I already have a TS CYC account; will I now have two accounts?

No, you will only have one CYC account. If you have a CYC account on and another on (using the same email address) they will be merged into one account. Your points will be combined and your asset level maintained.

You will receive a personal email by Friday 19th September with the details of the merge.
You will also be notified once your details have been migrated over in Early October.

If your CYC accounts on and are assigned to then we will be merging your accounts together.

You won’t lose anything!

I already have a TS CYC Account but it I think it has a different email address to my Virtu CYC Account?

That’s no problem at all. Please contact our Customer Service Team at or 1800 117 834 (AU) or 0800 480 580 (NZ) and they will be able to combine your accounts.
Please let them know which email address you would like to keep and the rest will be taken care of as above!

What happens to my Virtu CYC Points & Asset Level?

Great news! You won’t lose anything. When your Virtu CYC Account is moved to the TS14+ website, all your points and your Asset level will be moved across as well. It’ll be exactly the same as it was – just on a different website! Even your password will be the same!

If you have a TS14+ CYC Account as well, then we’ll be adding your points together – this might even push you up to the next Asset level earning you a Rewards Voucher in early October!

What will happen to my current Virtu CYC Reward Vouchers and Birthday Vouchers?

We encourage you to redeem your Birthday and/or Rewards Vouchers at by 30th September.

If you don’t get a chance to please, don’t worry. We will be in touch with you personally to let you know how to redeem any outstanding vouchers!



Will I need to set up a new account on the TS14+ website?

No you won’t need to do a thing! As we are transferring your account from the Virtu website to the TS website, we’re copying over your entire CYC account.

When you log in for the first time, you may need to reset your password.

What will happen to my Virtu sales history?

Your Virtu Sales History will not be visible on the TS14+ website. However if you need to check any of your purchases, our Customer Service Team will be able to help.
Please email them at or call 1800 117 834 (AU) and 0800 480 580 (NZ).

What if I want to continue to only shop for Virtu items?

You can personalise your shopping experience on the TS website by only viewing the Brand that you’d like.

The easiest way to do this is:

  • Select the ‘Fashion’ tab on the top of the website
  • Choose the category you wish to shop (i.e. Dresses or Pants) from the left hand navigation
  • Now click the ‘Filter by brand’ option at the top of the product category and select Virtu


How will I be notified of Virtu promotions and sales?

The same way as before - you will receive all emails with sale notifications, promotions, new arrivals and catalogue launches from the TS14+ website.



How do I return any items I have purchased on the Virtu website after 1st October?

You will still be able to return your Virtu Online order. Please complete the Return Form in your parcel and send it to the address listed.

If you would like to exchange your item or re-order for a new size or colour, you will need to place your new order through If there is a pricing difference please contact our Customer Support Team on 1800 117 834.

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